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Our provenance story

Building digital infrastructure for the next generation of agriculture

01 - Our Provenance Story

Geora has been building technology for agricultural supply chains since 2018. We provide supply chain participants with easy and affordable technologies to help grow their businesses. Each year an additional US$3.1 trillion dollars needs to be invested into supply chains if we are to meet our sustainable development goals. Geora is building the digital rails to make this happen. But this is a team effort and our partners, customers, and open source community are critical to making this happen. Agriculture is our most critical industry and at Geora we do whatever we can to give it the best digital platform that technology has to offer.

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02 - Our Team

We are a team of technologists, agribusiness experts, and farmers devoted to building the future of agriculture.

A photo of Bridie Ohlsson

Bridie Ohlsson

A photo of Cadel Watson

Cadel Watson

A photo of Ben Sinclair

Ben Sinclair

A photo of William Coulter

William Coulter

Co-founder & CEO

Bridie Ohlsson

Leading the growth and direction of Geora, Bridie is passionate about using technology to meet sustainable development goals and connect farmers with financial and digital systems globally.

Since 2016, Bridie has navigated the intersection of blockchain and agriculture heading up external relations and the blockchain pilot program at AgriDigital. Through this program, AgriDigital pioneered the technical design and application of blockchain to agriculture globally. On the basis of this work, Bridie authored use cases in a range of publications including CSRIO Data61's Architecture for Blockchain Applications as well as in the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations’ e-Agriculture publication Blockchain for Agriculture, Opportunities and Challenges.

Bridie is an active member of the Standards Australia Blockchain Technical Committee - Smart Contracts Working Group (IT-041) and is a regular speaker on blockchain at conferences globally.

Bridie holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Arts studying at both the University of Sydney and Sciences Po, Paris.


Lead Software Engineer

Cadel Watson

Cadel runs the technical team at Geora through the full development lifecycle, including design of the underlying protocol, smart contract and API development, integration with customer systems, cloud infrastructure and deployment, and front-end clients.

Prior to this he worked as a blockchain developer at AgriDigital on Ethereum-based agriculture pilots. Stemming from studies as part of a Bachelors of Bioinformatics Engineering, he worked on blockchain-based sustainability projects including a fish traceability system and a digital auction to raise funds for conservation efforts.

Cadel has extensive expertise in programming languages including TypeScript, Python, C# and Java, as well as experience with DevOps and cloud-based infrastructure. Outside of blockchain, he applies these skills to research in computational linguistics and agent-based modelling.


Senior Software Engineer

Ben Sinclair

With over 11 years’ experience as a software engineer, Ben has recently worked in the digital marketing and financing domains, specialising in functional programming with Clojure and Haskell. He has been responsible for large analytics databases to facilitate data science research into consumer behaviour and sleuthing out mysterious data inconsistencies. He also has recent experience with integer linear programming for solving large constraint optimisation problems.


Junior Software Developer

William Coulter

Will is a developer in the technical team at Geora. Drawing from his colleagues’ experience, he is always looking to apply his knowledge from his studies in Bachelors of Software Engineering to improve his engineering ability and problem-solving skills. Will has experience with Typecript, Python and SQL as well as data-visualization tools such as Prometheus and Grafana. Outside of Geora, Will is interested in data analytics and machine learning models.


03 - Board and advisors

Our expert advisors and board members

We are hiring

We are always on the hunt for talented people, so please drop us a line if you have any questions about being part of the Geora team.

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